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Auto Tweet Script

Auto Tweets App!

Create the next best thing with this amazing and unique Twitter App. Using PHP and based on the Twitter API, it allows Twitter users to create “auto tweets” that they can schedule for certain times of the day.

Easy Installation

You can have this script set up within a few simple steps.  All it takes is a few minutes and your up and running.
Full, easy to follow Installation Instructions are included with your  purchase.

Server and Script Requirements

Twitter Account for sending out the Auto Tweets
PHP 5.29
Ability to create Cron Jobs
FTP Access

Simple Design Customization!

Valid CSS / XHTML Design
Easy to update the template with your own customizations and design! Add your own look and feel in minutes.

Want a unique design?

We can do this for you!  With more than 15 years of web design and development experience our team wants to create you a new design you will be proud of!  We know this system inside and out and can have you up and running with a new, unique, vibrant design!   Click here for more details for customization requests.

How can you make money with this script?

The possibilities are endless!  With the boom of Twitter rising and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, Twitter App sites are coming out all over the world.  Webmasters are making big bucks in advertising revenue and even selling their creations on Buy / Sell / Trade forums.  (Sitepoint, Digital Point, etc).

Licensing Requirements

When you purchase this script or any of the scripts you see on you are purchasing the script for ONE domain only.  If you would like to use the script on more than one domain name, you must purchase another license. There is absolutely NO resale rights available for any of our scripts.

Installation Services

Need a little help to get going?  We offer full Installation Services starting at $5.00 USD.  Click here for more information and to order your install.

Online Demo:

Want to view a demo of the script first before you decide to purchase?  No problem!  View the demo for the Auto Tweets script here.

How to Purchase:

You can pay via Paypal, Mastercard, Visa and American Express!

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How do I refresh my IP ?

Its very simple to refresh your IP. Just follow these below steps.

I will tell you how to refresh your IP address on a network. This will only repair internet connection problems if you’ve changed locations and you can’t connect to the Internet. This is only for Windows machines.

1. Open the Command Prompt (from the Start button, go to Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt).
2. In the command prompt window, type “ipconfig /release”
3. In the command prompt window, type “ipconfig /renew”
4. Exit the Command Prompt by typing “exit”

* You may want to create a small batch file of this command. See How to Write a Batch File.
* To check your IP address, type “ipconfig”
* To check detailed information about your TCP/IP settings, type “ipconfig /all”
* Win98 users should type ipconfig /renew_all

* After completing your ‘ipconfig /renew’, check what IP address you have by ‘ipconfig’. If you have an IP address starting with 169.254, then you are not connected to the Internet. Addresses starting with 169.254 are assigned automatically by Windows when Windows is unable to contact an Internet (DHCP) server for an address.

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