How to Install a PHP Script Fast and Easy

Installing a PHP script should be an easy thing to do.
Before installing a PHP script please make sure you have a hosting account that supports PHP and MySQL databases. If you are not sure about this, ask your provider first.

Now let’s install the PHP script in 3 easy steps:

1. Edit the configuration file included in your script package

Unzip your script package and search for the configuration file. Usually the name of the configuratgion file is “config.php”. But this file can also have a different or similar name.
In the configuration file you will find the following variables:
Let’s take each variable separately.
$host – this variable must be set to “localhost” unless you want to use the database on a different web server
$username – this variable defines your MySQL database user
$pass – this variable defines your MySQL database password
$db – this variable defines the name of your MySQL database
The first variable ($host) is usually “localhost” in most of the cases, but the next 3 variables must be defined by you.
In order to create your database, database user and password, you have to login to your hosting control panel. If you are running cPanelX, go to MySQL database section.
First create a new username. Then create a new database. Make sure you assign the new user to the new database (Add user to database).
Now edit the configuration file properly with $username, $pass and $db fields. Save the file.
If the configuration file contains more variables, make sure you complete these too (site url, email address, etc.).
Some scripts may require a “path to directory” variable. Please ask your hosting provider to provide you the correct path.

2. Upload the files to your server

Upload all the files as they are, do not change the directory structure. You will need a FTP client (there are many free ones available) and make sure you upload all files in ASCII format.

3. Run the installation script

The installation script is usually called “install.php”
In order to install the script you have to point your browser to (as an example)
Follow the installation steps. After these the installation should be complete. Please delete the installation file from the server.
Everything done now! Enjoy the installed script